How We Grow...

Garner's Produce is committed to sustainable agricultural production. Our farming techniques include innovative strategies to help protect our land, environment, and quality of life for our families, employees, and community. We are dedicated to producing fresh, safe, and healthy fruits and vegetables for our families and yours. Here are some of the ways we use IPM (integrated pest management) to help protect our crops:

Drip Irrigation/Fertigation- reduces water and fertilizer use and prevents “splash” which helps control diseases
Crop Rotation- breaks up pest cycles
Variety Selection- Planting crops at a suitable time and in a suitable place to help limit plant stress (We are not growing any GMOs at this time.)
No-till production- preserves moisture and prevents erosion by not disturbing the soil
Planting Cover Crops- helps prevent soil erosion, suppresses weeds, and enhances soil quality by increasing organic matter    
Natural Pest Predators- using beneficial insects to control harmful ones
Plastic Mulch- suppresses weeds
Raised beds- provides better water drainage which helps to control diseases
Using organic or low toxicity sprays- when needed and available
Utilizing Nutrient Management Plans- using soil testing to manage fertility
Plant tissue testing- to help diagnose plant health problems